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How to Experience an Unforgettable Winter in the Treasure Valley

Even before Idaho was designated a state, visitors have been drawn by our natural resources. Initially, that meant hard-scrabble trappers and miners seeking wealth in our vast stretches of pristine wilderness. These days the visitors tend to be a touch less gritty, but they’re still being lured to this uniquely beautiful place to take advantage of the natural wealth we host.


Less well-known is that the Treasure Valley offers not only a perfect home base from which to experience our matchless brand of winter fun but it is also an increasingly popular destination in its own right. The greater Boise metropolitan area’s burgeoning art, music, film, and food scene has attracted sufficient attention both nationally and worldwide. So much so that visitors are increasingly as likely to visit for the places to eat in Meridian as they are for the powder at Bogus Basin or Brundage Mountain.



Whichever of those options are more to your taste, you’ll find an unforgettable experience in the snow-dusted Treasure Valley.


Hot Springs


The geothermal activity responsible for Yellowstone’s world-famous geysers and thermal features has given Idaho one of the highest concentrations of hot springs in the country. That natural wealth of warmth means that visitors to the Gem State seeking a soak have a variety of options.


In fact, about two to three hours from Boise there are at least 14 hotsprings, most of which are open year-round for visitors. The springs range from developed, resort-level pools featuring paved parking, finefood, and a full bar, to a single natural basin surrounded by a ring of rocks at the end of a muddy hiking trail. And if you have never experienced a soak in a natural hot tub in the middle of winter, that alone is reason enough to visit Idaho.




Idaho’s reputation for hosting some of the world’s best skiing is no secret. Here in the Treasure Valley we’re less than three hours from the slopes in Sun Valley, one of the most pristine, popular, and legendary skiing meccas for the global jet set for over 80 years.


As Idaho hosts a few dozen ski resorts, big and small, however, those looking to cut some powder closer to Boise can be doing so in under an hour. Just as the diversity of Idaho’s resorts is among the best in the world, so is the selection within them. A visitor to our slopes would be hard-pressed to find a resort that didn’t offer both runs for the first-timer to find their feet and harrowing black diamond pitches for the expert.


Winter’s Warmest Cocktails


As mentioned, although Idaho is considerably better-known for our green forests, blue ribbon trout streams, and white slopes than we are for our more cosmopolitan characteristics, that’s been changing. The Boise area has been undergoing something of a quiet renaissance for a while now.


Boise’s status as a fascinating place hosting a compelling mélange of cultural influences began over a century ago with Chinese, Basque, and Irish populations settling the area. More recently, we’ve seen a tech bubble that continues to expand at a steady, but impressive rate. Additionally, Boise is home to an internationally-recognized refugee resettlement program.


Boise is also a college town and the most geographically-isolated city of our size in the continental United States. The combination of small-town, down-to-Earth Idaho friendliness and charm with culturally complex, diversity-driven, artistic cosmopolitanism has made the Treasure Valley a truly unique and wonderful place to spend a winter holiday. Even if that holiday involves nothing more strenuous than experiencing happy hour in Meridian.


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