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How the Treasure Valley’s Location and Culture Make It a Craft Beer Destination

Anyone living in Idaho with any experience discussing our state with anyone outside of our state has likely found that the conversation and associations are often pretty predictable. When people who aren’t Idahoans think of Idaho—if they do think of Idaho, and aren’t confusing us with Ohio or Iowa—they generally conjure up thoughts about potatoes or the state’s stunning natural beauty and wilderness.


Those things are all excellent associations that we should be proud of. However, despite a growing recognition, those outsiders’ thumbnail sketches of the Gem State still rarely include a mention of the reputation that the Treasure Valley is earning as something of a cultural diamond in the rough.



Despite that, it’s doubtful that any of us, while out of state, encounter non-Idahoans showering praise on the distribution of superior breweries in Garden City, Idaho. Although they’d have good reason to, as one of the most impressive ways that we’re distinguishing ourselves is a rapidly expanding selection of mainstream, niche, and specialty local breweries. Best of all, this malty influx has yet to sacrifice quality with the quantity of new tastes, styles, and varieties of beer it’s brought.


Cream of the Crops


Even the quickest scan of local breweries in Boise alone yields several tempting options. And it’s not just Boise. The craft brewery movement, while certainly not a rare phenomenon in much of the country, has positively blown up in the Treasure Valley. Excellent breweries now dot the landscape in Eagle, Garden City, Caldwell, and Nampa, and seemingly anywhere else in the area there are more than a handful of people and a building with sufficient space for some stills, a small kitchen, and some tables. With breweries like these to visit and also supplying area restaurants with great, local brews, happy hour in Meridian has changed forever.


It makes sense as the Treasure Valley is situated in and adjacent to the some of the most prolific hops-growing regions on the planet. And Idaho’s great swaths of rich farmland mean that there’s no shortage of the barley, malt, and other grains necessary for brewing beer. The geographic convenience of ingredients close at hand is complemented by the Boise area’s culture.


Our Cultural Connection


Although the greater Boise metropolitan area’s cultural evolution to a cultural destination has been more pronounced recently, this area has always been something of a secretly sophisticated city. That evolution has been an ever-changing slow burn since at least 1906 when Clarence Darrow, a man who knew a thing or two about commenting on the evolution of things, called Boise “the Athens of the sagebrush.”


The area has always been a hub for a diverse and adventurous population. The influx, settlement, and cultural legacy left and continuing to be left by Boise’s Basque, Irish, Chinese, and more recent African and Middle Eastern refugee populations, has turned out to be the perfect recipe for establishing a craft beer-appreciating population. Residents of the Treasure Valley are both diverse and down-to-Earth enough to appreciate, respect, and support a generation of entrepreneur brewers and the product of their craft. It speaks to the area’s inclination to seek out varieties of a comfortable commodity.


So whether you’re an old-time Treasure Valley local or a newcomer here for the first time, find a restaurant serving a Payette Brewing Co. “Mutton Buster” Brown Ale, or a Powder haus “Haus” Session Ale and get a far better education in our craft culture. Then order some sushi in Eagle Idaho area to go along with it. Better yet, check out the happy hour menu at Ling & Louie’s Asian Bar and Grill to enjoy sushi, appetizer, and drink specials during the week as well as on weekends.


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