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The Ethnic Food You Need to Try in the Treasure Valley

There is a rich and diverse culinary culture and tradition in the Treasure Valley. Whether it’s sushi in Eagle Idaho or pho in Garden City, the following is just a fraction of the ethnic and cultural cuisine you should try in the Treasure Valley.

As Boise hosts the largest concentration of Basque people outside of the Basque Country, it has some stellar Basque food. The Basques are a distinct cultural, ethnic, and linguistic community that hails from the Pyrenees between France and Spain. Basque food is like Basque people—complex, welcoming, hearty, unique but with a dash of Spanish and French influence, and incredibly impressive.

Anyone who spends any time in the Treasure Valley and doesn’t try Basque out at least once will regret it. Try a chorizo dish, definitely get croquetas, and an order of fries. The potato has played a historical role in Basque cuisine, and it means that they cook a mean basket of fries.

Ethiopian and Eritrean

Arguably the chief contributor to the culinary renaissance being enjoyed by the Treasure Valley right now is Idaho’s internationally recognized and hugely successful refugee resettlement program. African refugees are one of the largest populations resettling here. Hence, incredibly tasty Ethiopian and Eritrean food.

Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurant fare focuses on the presentation of beautifully spiced lamb, beef, chicken, crisp lettuce, turmeric-touched rice, and hearty sauces all served on injera bread. Injera is a soft bread made with teff flour in a fermentation process that achieves a sort of light, doughy, even spongy consistency. It’s hard to explain how good injera is and how unbelievably good it is when rolled around an Ethiopian or Eritrean delicacy.

Asian Fusion

The Treasure Valley has managed to cultivate a fusion subculture combining Chinese, Thai, and Korean culinary traditions with American comfort food in a unique and delicious way. Seek out an establishment that offers freshly rolled sushi prepared by master chefs as well as an array of sake and Japanese whisky for a not-to-be-missed happy hour in Meridian. Whether you want noodles and rice, a wok-fired stir fry, or to enjoy a hot pot, dining in Treasure Valley is sure to leave you satisfied.


Kabobs. Sure, there’s Afghan cuisine that’s not kabob-based, but it’s hard to focus on that when kabobs are so delicious. Whether it’s lamb, chicken, or beef, served whole or ground “shami” style, it’s all marinated and spiced so you’re served some serious flavor. Before the kabobs, get an order of the savory sambosa turnovers. It’s all simply unlike anything you’ll get anywhere else.

That’s what’s so incredible about the Treasure Valley’s selection. It’s not just that it’s all so unforgettably good, but that it’s all simply unlike food you’ll get anywhere else. A diversity of cuisine that’s as varied and amazing as the people responsible for it. Bon appétit!

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